Artist Robert Zuchowski, created a series of Abstract Colorism Art, through spontaneous personal expression, with freedom from traditional artistic standards, different surface qualities of paint, and the act of painting itself. With its importance on spontaneous, subconscious creation, in the emotional dynamics of color. You are first drawn to his art almost purely by the predominate colors. Then you start the process of immersion. Your mind may embrace or reject the various elements but at some point your emotions take over and the art starts a dialogue with the viewer, through visual energy of the senses, promoting the feeling and essence of engagement. 

The majority of his work revolves around the emotions of the senses; with large amounts of glorious color – mixed together to form compelling works of emotionally charged art, through the psychological reflexes that bring personality to the surface. Thus only creating art that is absolutely non-representational, free of realistic imagery, or contain messages within them. This frees him to delve deeper into the psyche of the mind in order to create and explore the choices of color, and the different ways of expressing the abstract ideas of thought, emotion, and mood, realizing he is a piece of living, breathing, abstract artwork, within himself, for all abstract is a piece, with multiple facets of personalities, with layers of identity, to promoting the feeling of freedom, for the stereotypical sense of normality.

“Without color…there is no life. It’s the ethereal element that creates pleasure to our most precious gift…vision”. The immeasurable intensity of color and its impact on our lives is most profoundly demonstrated in the natural world or the world of all art. That is why the colors touch and resonate through the emotional core within the viewer.

His work has been displayed in NY Times Square on the digital advertising boards and then had been commemorated in a hard-copy coffee table art book… It also had been displayed on big advertising board in Los Angeles.

Silicon Valley Metro newspaper publication held a solo show of his art.  

Robert Zuchowski is a color driven dynamic artist, photographer, and sculptor. What drives his photography is his passion for seeking the beauty of complex experiences and intricacies in life, and within the world all around us. He is a fearless explorer of endless experimental techniques, and journeys through his multi-disciplinary arts. Through his instinctive investigatory work that conveys visually charged expressive excitement. Bringing forth art and photography that revives and evokes emotion on many levels…

His photography had been published in art/photography magazine. 

Robert Zuchowski had created postmodern sculptures in a pioneering future-high-tech style, these are passive concept sculptures that are fully interactive with the viewer up-close or at a very long distance all in real-time…

(this segment is still under construction… videos coming soon) 


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